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The greatest New Year's Eve in the world keeps getting bigger.

Tradition with Emotion

Once again, we were responsible for the planning, artistic direction and production of the greatest New Year’s Eve in the World. This year, the celebrations at Copacabana beach started earlier.

As a warm-up for the big day, the Tabajara Orchestra excited the audience with a beautiful performance on December 29th. And on the night of the 31st, the traditional New Year’s Eve party was even more exciting. The nearly 2 million spectators were entertained with 17 minutes of fireworks, synchronized with a track specially created for the occasion by music producer Daniel Lopes, and 10 hours of concerts by great Brazilian artists such as Cidade Negra, Frejat and Anitta.

The concept, inspired by the “hug”, was present in every detail of the show. In honor of the song “That Embrace”, all of the invited artists included in their repertoire an interpretation of the famous song. In addition, minutes before midnight, following the invitation of the master of ceremonies André Marques, the public gathered in a great collective “hug”. Certainly, another moment that was recorded in the memory of who went to Copacabana Beach.