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SRCOM believes that memories are only made with emotion. Throughout our 30 years of experience in the live marketing industry, we’re known for our ability to touch people’s hearts.  At huge international spectacles or at local events, our goal is always to provide memorable moments for our clients.
Here, at SRCOM we prefer to use “WITH” in place of of “and” because we’ve realized that, combined, our qualities become differentials.
Here we mix passion WITH strategy.
Here, we join planning WITH creation.
Here, we turn opposites into complementary ones to deliver relevant experiences WITH real results.
Last but not least, here we love new challenges WITH a pinch of madness. After all, doing the impossible is our specialty.
Come WITH us!

Our people

  • Sheila Roza

    Sheila Roza

    Partner | Founder

  • Abel Gomes

    Abel Gomes

    Partner | CCO

  • Paulo Cesar Ferreira

    Paulo Cesar Ferreira

    Partner | Executive VP

  • Andreia Troccoli

    Andreia Troccoli

    Production Director RIO

OUR clients

Coca Cola