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Coke Box LollaBR

The most fun space inside Lollabr Festival.

Festival with dance

“Be whatever you wanna be!”
Those who entered the Coke Box, the Coca-Cola space in #Lollabr, were invited to uplift their freedom of expression and have fun like there is no one watching. After choosing a musical rhythm, the participants would enter an all-LED scenario and had 40 seconds to dance, jump and / or parade, under the watchful eye of a video maker that captured each movement.

In the end, everyone received, via whatsapp, a personalized and and ready to post video clip and a ice cold Coca-Cola Zero to enjoy the festival full of gas.

Beautiful inside and out – the outside part of the Coke Box was an attraction itself! In addition to showing live, what happened inside, mirrors, lights and a content in motion graphic turned the stage into a veritable artistic installation. The perfect setting for a stylish photo. In the Lolla Lounge, the festival’s VIP area, the activation was a mix of photo opportunity with brand visibility and tasting of the Coca-Cola Espresso.