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Encontro do Samba

The biggest gathering of samba in the world.

Samba with everyone

Idealized and produced by SRCOM, the “Encontro do Samba”, was born making history. After a beautiful parade along of Copacabana see line, the batteries of the 13 samba schools of the Special Group of Rio Carnival met on the same stage for a historical concert. In all, more than 1300 members of the Schools, including drummers, performers, rhythm artists, passers-by, masters-hall and band-bearers, participated in the party. And the attractions did not stop there, alongside the “Bambas”, also performed: the Petrobras Symphony Orchestra, under the regency of Isaac Karabtchevsky, and great names of MPB such as Alcione, Martinho da Vila, Diogo Nogueira and Iza. In the repertoire, samba classics made the 400,000 people sing together in a big chorus. More than a good program on Saturday, the “Meeting of Samba” was thought to be also a television show. In addition to making the joy of those who attended Copacabana Beach, the event gained national coverage with the live broadcast by the Multishow channel. An unprecedented party that will enter the official calendar of the Marvelous City.