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Fan Feat Show

Our mission was to close the Fan Feat campaign with a golden key and provide the winners with an unforgettable experienc

concert WITH Coca-Cola

Time to return all the affection and dedication of the fans of Luan Santana, Pablo Vittar, and Simone and Simaria who bought thousands of Coca-Cola cans so that their idols were chosen singers of the hit of the year.

The award was divided into 2 stages and we were responsible for thinking through every detail of the experience so that everything would turn out perfect.

To begin with, the first 15 places (5 of each artist) won a trip with everything paid to watch, first hand, the recording of the music video “Hasta la Vista”, created especially for the campaign.

With personalized gifts, scenography and much affection, we transformed the day that was already special in an unforgettable moment.

And that was just a preview of what was yet to come.

“The best night of my life”

That’s how the fans described the Coca-Cola Fan Feat Show.

In the aftermath,among campaign winners and Coca-Cola guests, we hosted 1700 people at the WTC in São Paulo for an exclusive mega show.